Up and coming!

Working Studio Shot 2012

Sanding away at one of my pieces!

The past few weeks I have been working on a new project- nesting mug and sugar/creamer sets! This project has got me so excited, I can barely stand it. What you should know is that this excitement is completely unexpected, being that the models I’ve been working on are for slip casting! The last time I attempted the lengthy process of casting a mug, I hated the entire process. After swallowing my pride, I opted to slip cast my new creations because I know in the end it will be the best process for them. And for as much as I hate to admit it now, I LOVE it! I have found a comfort in putting all my effort into making my model as *wonderful* as I imagined it…whittling away the plaster and sanding it till it feels perfectly soft with the sound of “Of Monsters and Men” in my ear (sigh).

Nesting Mugs

2 sizes of my nesting mugs- handles to come!

One of the reasons this project is so dear to me is the story behind them. One of my joys in life is gathering with friends for coffee. I treasure these moments so much because there are few things in life that bring together the people I love at one place and time. I think the moments surrounding them and the experience is worth celebrating. That is what inspired these mugs and their accompanying sugar/creamer bowls.

I’ll keep you posted on their progress…


One thought on “Up and coming!

  1. I’m very proud of you you’re amazing, your hands are gift from God.. I can’t wait to purchase one of these cups I love you..

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